Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

Spain is full of beauty but no building there or anywhere comes close to the Sagrada Familia. It truly is a supreme work of art. Simply amazing.

Don’t miss out any detail!

The Sagrada Familia is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2005 and declared as a minor basilica by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit in 2010. The Basilic has 3 facades so it’s important to go around the block to contemplate everything and not to miss out anything. 

The 3 facades are named Nacimiento (born), Pasión (passion) and Gloria de Jesús (Jesus glory). Each of them are extraordinaries and hide plenty of wonders to be discovered. 

We recommend you to get as much closed as you can to the Basilic to admire everything that is in its 3 facades. It’s impossible to describe it in this post as you have to see it. In the tourist office there are plenty of information about Sagrada Familia, pick a brochure or a information book and like this you will not miss anything.

Sagrada Familia tips

1 Half a day.

At least 2 hours you will be outside staring this unique wander in the world, a instagram pictures here is mandatory so it will takes 30 minutes more. Then if you want to go inside, you’ll spend another hour to visit it (though there is not a time limitation). Try to calculate that at least half of your day will be spent here. Don’t worry, the visit will worth it!

2 Buy the ticket in advance.

If you want to enter inside (we strongly recommend) the ticket has to be bought in advanced, as you get cheaper prices and sometimes to get it in the ticket window is almost impossible due to the long and endless queues. Buy it in its website:

3 Avoid the peak hours to visit it.

Our recommendation is either to visit it in the morning (at first hour) or at the end of the afternoon, like this you could make the most of you visit and feel not stressful because of plenty of tourist.