Contact my family from Spain

There is nothing like the family and their support is very important if you find yourself out of your country. Today, there are many ways to stay in touch with friends and family on the road, and some are a lot more unique than others. Here you are our our top tips on this matter.

Send PostCards: offers one of the coolest ways to stay in touch with your friends and family while you’re in Spain. Postcards may be old school, but MyPostcards has added a fun twist to them, allowing you to easily upload their own travel photos online, add them to a postcard with custom text and send to your family and friends while they’re away on a trip.

Use the mains apps:

Start a blog

Sometimes is very tiring updated your friends and family with individual emails, write up a personal message for each friend and family member, attach a few photos and send each one off individually. This might take hours and before long, we propose you to create a blog to keep them informed about every experience you have in Spain.

Stick to a communication schedule 

There’s no point to having communication apps if you aren’t good about fixing a communication schedule with your friends and family.

If you stick to a communication schedule you can combat issues that come with time differences, voicemails, and missed calls. Schedule a call that works with both time zones on a day that is usually the least busy for the both of you. Seek a quiet space to connect and stay true to avoiding distractions, as partial attention can feel hurtful on the other end.