How to deal with homesick at camp

It’s frequent that almost everyone gets a bit homesick at Summer Camp. It’s absolutely normal, especially in the first few days.

If you can overcome it, you’ll have the best summer of your life. And that’s a promise!

We’ve created our top tips on how to beat being homesick at Summer Camp.

Ice Breaking

First of all, it’s important you to know that during the first days there are going to be introductories activities, ice breaking games and training workshops to make both staff and counselor feel comfortable

Make new friends while at camp

If Spaniard stand out for something, is for our way Be with the others counselors and staff, even if you don’t have a close relationship or friendship at that time

Create a way for a useful propose

Create yourself some goals to achieve while you’re at camp and you’ll settle in a much quicker way. 

Your goals could be improve your spanish, meet new people, visiting Barcelona post-camp or just helping a camper conquer their fears.

Goals can help to keep you busy,  take your mind off any feelings of homesickness and help keep you busy.

Days off 

Days off from camp are a really great chance to take some time for yourself or to explore the area. Try to use this time to grab some well-earned extra sleep, soak up by the pool some sun, or as we said go and explore nearby towns which we really recommend this last option.