Las Ramblas

From Plaça Catalunya to the sea, the emblematic avenue of Las Ramblas is one of the most lively and well-known in the city. It is always full of people walking through it looking for shops, restaurants, bars, flower stalls, ice cream parlors and much more.

What to do in Las Ramblas?

Las Ramblas in Barcelona extends for approximately 1.2 kilometers; to the south end is Port Vell (near the cruise port) and to the north end is Plaça de Catalunya. We highly recommend to go through all this beautiful pedestrian street which is located in the heart of Barcelona and it crosses a good part of the city.

We like to visit this place in the afternoon and we recommend you to do so, once you’ve seen everything planned in the day, you can head to this point and relax walking through all this street which end at the beach. Pick something to eat in shops, restaurants and bars and enjoy a picnic there. You’ll see that plenty of tourist and barceloneses do the same.

Remember that everything in Spain start at 9pm so be ready for the nightlife! 

Las Ramblas tips

1 Take a walking tour.

Do a walking tour that will take you through Las Ramblas (and will tell you all the secrets we can’t possibly tell you here) is a fun thing to do that’s a bit off the beaten path when it comes to visiting Barcelona. 

Visit “La Boqueria”

One thing you must do when visiting Las Ramblas is head to La Boqueria. This famous market has been the city’s best grocery store for as long as anyone can remember.  It’s also a great place to try some street food, take a cooking class, or have a glass of wine at a little stall.

End at the sea.

At the far end of Las Ramblas you will see the Monument a Colom pointing out to sea, this statue of Christopher Columbus commemorates his return to Spain after discovering the Americas. A lift takes visitors to the top for sensational views.