Park Güell by Gaudi

Although Barcelona has countless extraordinary attractions, Park Guell is one you absolutely can’t skip! The famous Antoni Gaudí (the architectural genius behind other iconic Barcelona landmarks like the Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo was chosen to design this area and the result is simply extraordinary.

Is Park Guell really worth it?

Is more than that! For anyone who visits Barcelona one of its mandatory stops is the Parc Güell, the urban forest modeled by Antonio Gaudí. The Park is included in any planning in Barcelona, ​​whether on a weekend trip to Barcelona, ​​four days or a week. Along to the Sagrada Familia, is the best known work of art of the city.

It is common to get carried away by the labyrinthine nature of the park and that, the notion of time is lost in one of the most pleasant sensations. But you should not miss at any way the opportunity to contemplate the spectacular colors and shapes of the dragon of the entrance staircase, the hypostyle hall, the hall of the hundred columns and the Algarrobo viaduct.

Park Güell tips

Half a day.

At least half of your day you’ll spend in this beautiful place and we wouldn’t recommend you to spend less. This park is unique in the world and the wonders that it hides inside will leave you speechless. 

You have to buy a ticket to enter!

Yes! To enter in this place is necessary to have a ticket. It’s cheaper to buy it online so go to the website and get the best suit you! You will find also the most complete and updated information about the Parc Güell.

Better in the morning.

Park Guell is one of the most visited places in Barcelona, so the sooner you arrive, themost you enjoy. We recommend to be there at 8:00, enter at the first pass and we promise that you’ll enjoy much better that anyone.