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Program Agreement 

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the relevant GoCampSpain pages on website www.funnycamps.com 

I agree that my application and participation in the Summer Camp program shall be governed by the following Terms and Conditions. In addition, I understand and agree that if my application is accepted and I am then placed at a camp, I will:

  1. Enter into an employment contract with the camp,
  2. Abide by and be bound by the camp’s rules and staff policies
  3. To the best of my abilities fulfil the terms of both the spirit and the letter of the camps contract and policies
  4. To the best of my abilities fulfil the terms of the Exchange Visitor visa

Your Account 

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Allowed content 

You must make sure that You own all of the rights (including the copyright) in any Content which You post on the Website or alternatively, if any third party owns any rights in the Content which You post, that You have their written consent to post that Content on the Website.

We have the final say as to whether or not any Content is allowed on the Website.

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Program Condition

  1. I understand that in order to travel to Spain, I will need a valid passport and I agree to obtain one at my own expense before 1 May 2020. A valid passport requires 6 months validity after my planned return from Spain.
  2. In order to work legally as a camp counselor in Spain I must process my visa sponsorship form at a Spanish consulate in my country.
  3. I understand that I must, at my own expense, obtain a police background check.
  4. I agree to undergo a medical examination at my own expense and provide the results to the camp using either the camps medical form or one provided to me by GoCampSpain.
  5. I am responsible for the cost of my round-trip airfare to Spain and to the specific airport required by the camp.
  6. I understand that before I can be placed into a position at a camp I must complete an interview with the camp director and I must be (as far as possible) available when he/she fix an appointment with me. In case of not be available I must justify it within 1 day. If this happens many times I accept that this may drive to lose my first deposit for penalty. 
  7. I understand that before I can be placed into a position at a camp I must complete the training on Leisure and Free time monitor proposed by GoCampSpain

Program fee

Payment by 2 installment

  • Acceptance fee:

The Acceptance Fee (200€) is payable upon acceptance of completed application or attendance of Camp Fair, whichever comes first. 

  • Placement fee:  

The Placement Fee (370€) is payable upon receipt of a job offer. 

As a part of my placement fee I will be provided with a medical insurance policy for the duration of my camp contract plus 15 days more in case I want to travel in Spain. Should I require insurance coverage outside of these dates for the grace period I agree to purchase this separately through GoCampSpain at my own cost.  ***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** Pre-existing medical conditions are not possible with the CIEE insurance plan and it is a program requirement to secure additional insurance options for this benefit. Ask your GoCampSpain co-ordinator for more information on getting covered.

Cancellation and refund policy

  1. The application fee is refundable.
  1. If you cancel (by any reason) prior to your acceptance to the program, the application fee is 50% refundable. Written cancellation notification must be received within 10 days of cancelling to qualify for a refund.
  1. If you cancel due to life-threatening illness or life-threatening illness or death of a parent or sibling (medical certificate required for review by GoCampSpain), you will receive the 100% refund of your fee.
  1. Fees incurred for obtaining your criminal background check, medical examination (If Camp Required) and visa processing and any other third-party services are non-refundable in most cases and GoCampSpain is not responsible for any refunds of these fees.
  1. If you are not placed by 30th June 2020 you will be cancelled from the program. Upon the return of your full refund of the fees paid to GoCampSpain
  1. If you break any of the camp, state or federal rules/laws during your camp program including time off, GoCampSpain reserves the right to cancel you from the program without any refunds. 
  1. Applicants who continually fail to respond to GoCampSpain are indicating to us that they are no longer interested in the program and will have their application cancelled after one warning and they will forfeit all fees paid to GoCampSpain.
  1. Turning down an offer of placement (other than through the camp not matching the preferences or availability listed on your application) negates the terms of not being placed and our fees will be 50%-refundable.
  2. You must make best efforts to get a camp placement. This includes completing your application within a razonable time, attending a job fair (if we organize), emailing and messaging camps back, responding to GoCampSpain in a timely manner and generally being available to hire. Failure to do so will forfeit any refund available.
  3. All Payments: It is your responsibility to have permission from the cardholder for all payments made to GoCampSpain.


You acknowledge that you have read and understand these Terms of Use, and that these Terms of Use have the same force and effect as a signed agreement.