Transportation in Spain

You might have already planned to travel Spain  and you’re probably excited to use your days of travel time after Summer Camp ends.

Whatever you’re travelling alone or with a group, you’ll need to know the best ways to travel Spain on a budget. And, if you’re looking for tips and tricks to keep travel costs down, we’ve got you covered!


BlaBlaCar is probably our prefered means of transport to travel on a budget in Spain and it’s an amazing innovation aimed at solving boring travel; fuel expenses; trip cost; convenience of travel; inadequacy in mass transport & many more.

BlaBlaCar is where the car owner offers to share his city-city ride with anyone who wants to join for a price. The app connects the car owner (one who offers the ride) with the co-traveller (one who joins the ride) for a nominal fee. The owner mentions few details (about self; car; driving type; price; locations; schedules; availability of seats etc).

To use it is very easy and we recommend it as you can have great experiences about different people you meet.


In the link below you can find great informations provided by other hitchhikers. There’s general advice ad the specific city Infos (especially how to get out, in a certain direction) it’s very helpful! We used it a lot in our good times of travelling:

There is also a “Facebook group” (where we are members) for those interested in exchanging informations/experiences about hitchhiking in all Europe. It’s really helpful and there are plenty of hitchhikers who post their trips and some others relevant information:

Travel Spain by bus

Travel in Spain with “Alsa Autobuses” is pretty easy and is really well-connected with every Spanish city. On board you’ll normally have internet and toilets. Is connected with the means airport in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante and Valencia). If you want to save yourself some money, book a night pass as they tend to be really cheaper.

Travel Spain by Train

Renfe is a good way to travel through Spain on a economic budget, we always try to use it if we find a good offer as is very safe, comfortable and fast.

We highly recommend (in case that you pick trains to move around Spain) the Renfe Spain Pass. This pass is only valid for people with residence outside of Spain and is issued only upon presentation of the passport proving that you’re foreigner.

You can choose passes of 4,6,8 or 10 trips to use in one month and you’ll find a wide range of travelling cities options:

If on the contrary you prefer to take the standar one, just for travelling from one city to another, then click below:

Travel Spain by plane

If you want to hopping from State to State, or even coast to coast and make the most of your time travelling Spain, we recommend you to take this airplane company as you can find really good bargains. Generally is well-connected with almost all the big Spanish cities.

Uber in cities  

Currently you can request an Uber car in 21 cities in Spain. By clicking on the link below, you’ll find car types, the fare rates, promotion codes and insights about the popular city spots. Uber in Spain is cheaper than taxis and in our way to see, more efficient and easier to use it, so if you are in Madrid, Sevilla, Granada or Alicante we encourage you to take one.