What to pack for a summer camp in Spain

Need help with you packing list? Don’t worry… We know first hand how exhausting it can be to cram a suitcase for a summer experience away from your home. One small advice – don’t over pack your suitcase: We know that the first though is to pack everything!

Every #GoSpainCamper should include in his packing list:

Summer Camp Document

  • A valid Passport (at least 6 months before it expires)
  • VISA 
  • Insurance card 
  • Your camp contract
  • Your travel itinerary printed 

Summer Camp clothes

Spain from March to October is very pleasant, specially in July and August where we have temperatures up to 30 degrees so pack only summer clothes:

  • Shorts (We recommend 7 as 7 days has the week)
  • T-shirts (Don’t forget your FUNNYCAMPS tee) 
  • Hoodies/Jumpers ( 1 or 2 for the cooler nights)
  • A raincoat. 
  • Bathing suits (this is absolutely mandatory, take at least 3)
  • Leggings or Loggers 
  • 2 Pyjamas
  • Shocks/bras
  • Shoes (take 2 confortable)

Off-Camp clothes  

  • 4/5 Tops: shirts/t-shirts
  • 3/4 Bottoms: denim shorts, patterned shorts, skirts etc.
  • 1/2 Pair of jeans
  • 1 smart dress – formal wear for the leaving party  at the end of camp.
  • Your computer/ipad
  • Accessories (sunglasses, sun-cream, hat, waterproof watch)
  • REMEMBER! Bring a plug, in Spain we have different sockets.


Camps usually do a staff trip to the local Market during the first days, so don’t waste your luggage allowance taking huge bottles of shampoo etc! Toiletries are pretty cheap over there too and come in HUGE sizes. Pack little bottles of shampoo and body wash for the first week and then buy the rest while you’re there.