Boost your CV with a camp experience

Boost your CV by working at a summer camp in Spain. Having the skill of working abroad will give you a leg up on the competition for a future job. There is nothing better than prove that you can step out of your comfort zone and experience new cultures.

Travel enriches the soul. It provides you with the opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone and experience the world as others experience it. This is why to have a summer camp experience is a great way of improving your self-confidence, language skills, budgeting and awareness of others. In fact, 86% of employers agree that travelling increases your chances of getting an interview. Not only that but visiting new places will give you the chance to meet people that are useful in helping you break into a new career.

Let’s explore the five ways travelling can improve your career prospects in more detail:

Improve your cultural awareness

With increasing globalisation, it’s now more important than ever for employees to have a high level of cultural intelligence.

Having travelled to countries with traditions much different from your own, you will have a better awareness of other cultures. Therefore, you’re more likely to avoid any embarrassing misunderstandings. Discussing your time in other countries in a sure-fire way of interesting an interviewer for a role at an international company.

Heighten your self-confident

Another way going for a summer camp is that it can improves your career prospects is by heightening your self-confidence. Travelling, especially solo travel, involves having to make important decisions by yourself.

Planning how to get from one destination to another, finding accommodation and organising trips to see the sites can be a difficult task. However, knowing that you have achieved that all by yourself is a rewarding experience. You will surely come back ready to face any challenge that your job requires.

Learn another language

The most effective way of learning a new language is to fully immerse yourself in the culture of those who speak it. Learning to converse with the locals will help to understand the language at a conversational level.

Being able to maneuver another language doesn’t only mean you are able to communicate more easily with its speakers, it may also mean that you learn faster, listen better, and connect well with others.

Social and communication skills 

Interacting with people from different corners of the world will undoubtedly make you a better listener, more compassionate, more willing to understand others, and better at communicating.

A summer at camp will give you a new found confidence you wouldn’t have expected before, You’ll meet other counselors from all over the world making you a natural conversationalist by the end of camp. The next interview you have, you’ll have so much confidence you’re bound to smash it!


While you’re at camp, you will be living in a bunk with fellow Camp Counselors during the summer. You’ll work shoulder to shoulder to make sure that everything is prepared and making sure the kids are where they need to be all while making sure they’re enjoying themselves. If one of you needs a helping hand, you’ll be right there to help because you’ve got each other’s backs! You’ll really feel like a big family towards the end. Questions about teamwork? You’ve got this.