How to enjoy the life as Spanish do?

Spain is located in a privileged place of the world. It’s a country where you can find amazing islands, beautiful beaches, mountains to climb, cities of all kind to explore, and something for every traveler! Many tourist came away from their trip thinking that Spanish people know a few things about living well and having fun that foreigners have yet to embrace. These are some of the things that travelers sometimes overlook, and you should know. We hope you find these tips useful when you visit our country and who knows, maybe you end up becoming another spaniard.

Spain is the most tourist-friendly country in the world. Everyone feels happier in the sunshine, so grab a cocktail and bask under the Spanish rays. 

Learn Spanish

English is Known worldwide but.. What is the second most geographically extended language in the world? Yes, the Cervantes’s one.

There is no better place to learn Spanish than the place where the creator of “El Quijote” was born. It is true that it says that they speak better in other countries of South America, but surely you learn it here by enjoying it more. And then, to travel throughout Latin America!

Enjoy our gastronomy… One of the best in the world!

Tortilla de patatas, Jamón Ibérico, Tapas, Paella, Sangría, Gazpacho..and so we could continue filling pages and pages about the fantastic Spanish cuisine.

The secret lies in the fact that we have a diverse and exquisite raw material. Fruits, vegetables, meats and fish of the highest quality open the minds of chefs, whether in a renowned restaurant, one lost in the middle of nowhere or in the kitchen of any home.

Eating is a pleasure. To do it at a Spanish table is to savor the sky.

The weather

How many times have you heard that Spanish people have an open, happy character? It’s no surprise given that they live in a climate with an average temperature of 20ºC with no extreme cold or excessive summer heat. It’s enough to give anyone a sunny disposition.

There’s scientific proof that climate has an effect on our state of mind so we recommend you to enjoy it as much as possible during your stay in Spain. Feel the sunshine on your skin, walk barefoot on the sand, breath in fresh air and you will fill your energy and refresh from inside.

A UNESCO paradise

Get to know our historical heritage by travelling through Spain.

Spain has the third most UNESCO world heritage sites out of all the countries in the world (after China and Italy) with 45. The country’s rich and multicultural history is kept very much alive by the many impressive sites that dot the country: from the Roman Tower of Hercules in the north to the breathtaking Alhambra fortress in the south.

Siesta. You will love it!

We the Spanish people have invented “la siesta” and we must be more proud than other famous inventors of history. Especially in the hot months, when the temperature falls asleep hopelessly right after the last bite of food, “la siesta” is sacred. And it is something that every foreigner adopts without any problem.. and get used to it!

Everything start at 9 pm

Around 9:00 p.m., the streets come alive. Stores open up again. Restaurant owners pull tables and chairs back outside, and shops enjoy a brisk business. The small streets in Old Town were packed with people — not just night owl clubbing types but entire families with children in strollers and grandma and grandpa following behind. The children were cleaned and dressed up. Women looked refreshed and elegant. Men were chatting easily with friends and looked relaxed. Everyone seemed happy and full of life.Parties! Yes, we party a lot!

Spain is one of the best countries in the world to enjoy the nightlife and have fun. The thing usually begins with a cozy dinner with friends or partner. The first cocktail follows, on the table talk. Then you choose one or several pubs to dance and, when you want to realize, you are watching sunrise at a beach disco. Ibiza, Barcelona, ​​Madrid … You will find a party anywhere in Spain.

We the spanish people have our defects (many) but this country it is the ideal place, not only to come on vacation, but to live. We awaits you!