Give your five to the planet

GO Camp Spain takes climate action for compensation carbon footprint of our #GOSpainCampers

We will compensate the carbon footprint of your flight and you will receive a compensation certificate issued by the UN

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Brief description
of carbon footprint

It is all greenhouse gases emitted directly and indirectly into the atmosphere by a product, service, organization or event and that generate climate change. It is expressed in tons of CO2.

What is the carbon footprint that you emit to the atmosphere?

You, as a future FUNNYCAMPS participant, will  emit a carbon footprint to the atmosphere by taking a flight from your country to Spain. That action will provoke a lot of greenhouse gases due to the pollution of a flight.

Have a look at this example:

Carbon footprint of a participant in a return flight from Montreal to Spain =786.2 Kg de CO2 

Carbon footprint in a return flight from London to Spain  =263.6 Kg de CO2 

What does GO Camp Spain propose to combat this carbon footprint?

GO Camp Spain is committed to offset 1 ton of CO2 for each of our #FunnyCampers who come to Spain.

Since at the moment it is not possible to reduce the carbon footprint of a plane trip, GO Camp Spain will not only compensate for the carbon footprint generated by each trip, but we will go further: we will compensate a full ton and make the flight of our participants be more sustainable.

What kind of projects does GO Camp Spain get involved?

We will use compensation projects verified by the UN that use renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere:

  • Solar heaters for domestic water
  • Low impact hydroelectric power stations
  • Production of electricity with agricultural waste

You as a participant will receive from the UN a certificate that verifies that this compensation has been made, it will be a certificate like this

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