How to apply for your Spanish summer camp experience?


The summer camp
application guide

So you’ve decided you want to participate at a summer camp in Spain – awesome! We are excited to have you on board and are keen to get to know. For us it is important that you have a really smooth application, so we’ve outlined the entire process just below.

Remember that we guarantee you a camp position or your money back – so there is nothing to lose when you apply for GO Camp Spain Either if you have any question about costs or concerns about applying you can contact us or pop up a call on +34 618 067 751

With each passing day, the number of placements decreases so the sooner you apply the more you increase your chances of being placed.


A piece of cake! Start your application and begin your GO camp spain journey. It is FREE to begin! All we need is your CV to start with the matching process. By applying in our easy application form, where you’ll have to fill in your basic details and answer a few funny questions about your profile, our system will automatically create a résume for you in which we will work to find out if you’re the right candidate for this experience.

A skype

We want to meet you! We’ve reviewed your initial application and want now learn more about your skills/hobbies, why you want to work at summer camp etc. This step is very important as allow us to know you better and determinate which camp could suit you better.  You’ll be able to know our team and go through any questions you may have.

Set up
a log in

It is time to book your place and set up your own log in! In this step you’ll be able to pay your deposit to get fully enrolled onto the programme. Additionally we will give you an access to the platform where you could start your online support spanish course, the training on Leisure and Free time Monitor and uploading some important documents that we’ll need to start up the process.

Get matched with
the Spanish camps

As soon as you book your place, we will start the matching process with our partner summer camps. We work with camps located all over Spain and normally the will request an skype interview with you, here they will just want to get to know you a little bit more to make sure you are the right fit for their camp. You can also ask them question about the activities, games and everything that feel is appropriate. 


The camp love you – no surprise. They will send you a camp contract. 

You now pay the last GO camp spain placement fee and receive the medical insurance which will cover you during your Spanish adventure in the camp + 15 days more in case that you want to travel through Spain.


It is a program requirement for you to attend a pre-departure orientation session. Here our GO camp spain expert will go through all the important information that you need – what to expect at camp, what your visa allows you to do, tipping in Spain, etc.

Ready to apply for Summer Camp?