Information for parents

If your son or daughter is thinking about living a summer experience in Spain and you don’t have any clue about what they are saying, don’t be panic, our idea is to involve you in the process as much as them and give you all the relevant information that you need during this process.

We kindly invite you to read all the information below and in case that you need, you can book a skype call with us to solve your questions.

About GO Camp Spain

Established in 2015 as a national monitors providers, GO Camp Spain began its role as an alternative way for participants and camps looking for a more customized, practical, and more convenient experience. GO Camp Spain is now the Spanish Summer Camp specialist in recluting international camp counselors to placed them in Spanish camps.

We offer intercultural exchange programmes to those who are willing to live a different  summer working with kids. We accept applications from only anglophone countries! GO Camp Spain provide applicants with all the necessary visa paperwork to allow them to work legally in Spain and a complete medical insurance for the duration of their stay in the summer camp + 15 days if they want to travel in Spain..

We have a close partnership with hundreds of camps in Spain, all of which are different shapes and sizes. From traditional camps to disadvantaged, sports to performing dances, there is a summer camp out there for everyone! Check out our Camp Types page for further information.

What they will gain?

If your son or daughter has decided to get out from their comfort zone for the summer and work at a Spanish summer camp, they will learn tremendous new skills, make friends from around the world, experience the important of working with children, enhance their CV, acquire independence, become a role player, experience a new vibrant culture, travel and so much more.

As we are a part of the European Erasmus + programmes, your son or daughter will receive an online support Spanish course to improve their level and be able to speak in a confident way during their experience in Spain. Additionally, many different cultural activities will be offered to them. For us is important to involve every participant not only in our culture, but also in our rhythm of living. 

Applying for GO Camp Spain

Future applicants are required to complete an online application which should be submitted with one or two references. (it can be from any working experience) and an up to date police check through the relevant organisations requested by FunnyCamps based on their country of application.

We do not have any registration fees. Only once an applicant has been interviewed to assess if they are a good fit for camp, a deposit to book their place is required (please note, being accepted onto the program does not guarantee a job at camp). Please check our Cost and Salaries page for further information regarding costs. When, and if, an applicant is accepted onto the program, applicants must submit several documents. These documents are required in order to obtain the N.I.E (for european participants) and visa (for non-european participants) it may be required (depends on the camps)  references and police checks as well. Applicants are able to view at all times what documents they need to submit to us by logging into their GO Camp Spain account.

The interview

We don’t have any interview fees, however applying to GO Camp Spain will involve completing a skype call with us. This is a very important part of the program and we don’t accept participant without first speak to them. 

The Skype call is intended to answer all questions that participant might have regarding the program, and for us an opportunity to get to know them and have a better idea of their profile and their preferences, like this we can match them with the right summer camp and during the correct dates. Generally our interviewer’s are excellent english speakers  who have participated on various international programs around the world, and their responsibility is to assess that anyone who apply to GO Camp Spain possesses the right skills, experience, maturity and ability to participate. 

Fees & Refunds

FunnyCamps unlike many others organizations, it returns the 100% of the first deposit to their participants if a placement is not found, our commitment is to offer the best customer service to our participants and if we fail on that, the integrity of the deposit must be returned. Additionally if the cancellation is made by the applicant (whatever the reason), we return the 50% as well.

There’s more information about our refund policy within our program agreement.

In case that you need, you can book a skype call with us to solve your questions.

Placement in the camps

Future participants are expected to complete a placement that will last on average from 2 to 5 weeks (it will depend on the matching-summer-camp). Additionally, as this is an intercultural exchange program, participants will received many cultural activities to be involved during and after their experience.

If your son or daughter love kids and being active outdoors, then being a summer camp counselor is basically a dream job, however, while on a camp, participants are expected to follow some important rules such as have a positive attitude towards campers and staff, be a role model as for several weeks or even months, they will be the primary adult these kids interact with, respect the camp rules at all times

If they want to be the best camp counselor during the summer, follow these tips each day and they’re guaranteed to have the time of their life! 

Medical Insurance

GO Camp Spain provides medical insurance for non-european citizen which will cover the participants for medical claims of up to $500,000 for the entire time they are in the summer camp.

As we are part of the European Erasmus + programs, applicants from (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland) will receive the European Health Insurance Card.

VISA, N.I.E application

Applicants are given information regarding any legal paperwork upon being placed at camp. As we are the Spanish Summer Camp specialist, we will provide detailed instructions to make sure that applicants fully understand everything that involve the VISA process.   

Travel to and from Spain

FunnyCamps applicants are required to book and pay their own flight. Like this they have more flexibility with regards to dates and airport locations as well as prices!

It is important you to understand that the agencies offering “free flights”, there are no such things! With these agencies the price of your flights will be taken out of your final salary and it will be additional surcharges that will also be billed. Our team members have participated in many international programs and travelled a lot so we can offer lots of hints and tips to make sure your son or daughter get the best deal out there.

As soon as a placement is confirmed, GO Camp Spain will provide instructions for onward travel to camp which may be via plane, train or bus. It should be understood that, where group travel is not possible, participants may be required to travel alone. Spain is a really safe country with advanced travelling infrastructures and well connected among cities. 

At the end of their placement, fully charged with amazing memories and special moments, participants will receive a Certification and a Recommendation Letter from FunnyCamps which can be used for future international application experiences.