San Sebastián


Picturesque San Sebastian is nuzzled in the north of Spain and is often referred to as ‘The Green Spain’ or ‘Secret Spain,’ as it is complete with the crescent-shaped bay of the Concha. The city has it all – culture, some of the best beaches in Europe, amazing hikes and great food (be sure to try all the incredible pintxo bars). But that’s not all; rural San Sebastian has a hidden world waiting to be discovered of beautiful nature, incredible rock formations, crystal clear oceans… and it’s all just a day trip away.

Dazzle me..

Upon my arrival to this “secret Spain”, I came across a question! Why had no one told me how beautiful San Sebastian is? . 

My very first thoughts were how reminiscent (to me) it was of Paris. As I walked through the city, this feeling felt more and more re-affirmed…except that unlike Paris, there seemed to be a more laid back vibe about San Sebastian. Families were out cycling together, people were taking leisurely strolls with the friends in no hurry to get anywhere. Everything and everyone just seemed so warm and inviting.

And then I happened upon the beach…. I was not expecting a beach. More so one this beautiful. Cities usually never have great beaches. For all the beauty of London, New York, Paris, Singapore and the like, their appeal is never to do with beaches. Somehow, San Sebastian managed to not just have any old beach but one that any holiday maker would travel across the world to come spend time on there. San Sebastián boasts two beautiful beaches, a picturesque cove (La Concha) where you can while away a sunny afternoon and Zurriola beach – a long stretch of beach popular with surfers – perfect if you want to switch off for a while and enjoy the fantastic view.

San Sebastian is also popular for its cultural events that host during all year round. This city has been many times the “European Capital of Culture” (the last time was in 2016) and its planning to be again in 2021.


Top experiences in San Sebastian

  • Go to Pintxos to the old town
  • Take a promenade along the beach ‘Playa la Concha’
  • The San Sebastian Aquarium
  • Visit the Palacio Kursaal where the famous San Sebastian International Film Festival is hold during the month of September.
  • Enjoy all the green areas around the city

I am peckish..

If you feel a bit peckish, I could tell you that you’re in the best place to eat. Could actually be San Sebastian the best place to eat in the world? 

Yes, absolutely yes. San Sebastian has more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else. But the city’s most exciting food experience is not at one of its fancy restaurants, instead, head to the bars around the Old Town for pintxos. Pintxos are delectable bar snacks that accompany your drink and they’re the soul of San Sebastian’s food scene. These tiny bites of food are pinned onto bread and treated like an art form.

To get the full San Sebastian foodie experience I would recommend you to spend the day in the lively Old town browsing and tasting from the stalls at “Mercado de la Bretxa”.

One of my favourites in San Sebastian is:

Bar la Espiga’s  


PS: Lunch start at 13:00 and for dinner at 20:00.

Where to stay..

Hostal Isabella B&B

Calle Ondarbida, 1-6 Izda, 20008 San Sebastián – Donostia España

+34 943 21 83 24

By Javier


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