If there is one city that you should visit in Spain it should be Toledo.

If we made a list of the most important monumental cities in Spain, Toledo will be in my first place. This capital of La Mancha, south of Madrid, and once one of the great bastions of the Spanish empire, boasts not only a unique amalgam of buildings and historical monuments but a rich and varied gastronomy.

Toledo, Beautiful Spanish History Awaits you!

I have been to many cities throughout the world and none have had quite the historical beauty as Toledo, filled with winding streets, cobblestone-lined alleyways, and amazing architecture. Around every corner a photograph is waiting to be taken. Set in the perfect postcard land of Castilla La Mancha, Toledo is a medieval city located just south of Madrid.

Mi first recommendation to not miss anything out is to go to the tourist office. Grab a map and along the explication of the tourist officer write everything that we tell you. Toledo is not a big city so with one day and half is more than enough.

My 5 essentials and indispensable for you are:

1 Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada. Classic Gothic Cathedral of the s.XIII

2 Alcázar de Toledo. Military Museum in a Palace of the s.XVI

3 Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes. Church of the s.XV with beautiful cloisters

4 Sinagoga de Santa María La Blanca. Mudejar style synagogue of the s. XII converted into a church, with a pillar room with horseshoe arches.

5 Iglesia de Santo Tomé. Located in the historic center of Toledo, was founded in the s.XII

Don’t forget to get lost in the narrow streets of the old town. In a radius of no more than a kilometre you can find a mix of Christian, Jewish and Muslim places of worship that reportedly existed side by side in peace and tolerance for centuries.


Where to eat..

If you visit this medial city and its historic corners, we urge you to spend a good part of your time exploring the culinary pleasures that it offers. Toledo is is considered a food paradise with a rich and varied gastronomy. The typical cuisine and food of Toledo is based on strong and potent dishes, many of them designed to resist the cold winters. 

I would say is very difficult to recommend just one place to eat, there are hundreds of hidden places around the old town to taste and enjoy. Wherever you go, you’ll find excellent choices to eat. My favourites are these 3 restaurants, it covers all pockets and I am sure if you pick one, you’ll be very satisfied.

Cuchara de palo

The menu features a variety of homemade, attractively-priced tapas and other delicious dishes, aptly expressing Toledo and its surroundings.

La Mar Salá

You’re sure to enjoy the traditional cuisine with local and outside influences in the peaceful, friendly atmosphere of this restaurant. The wine list includes wines from various countries.

Kiosko Pepe  

This Toledo terrace, located in one of the most popular neighbourhoods off the tourists’ beaten track, is famed for its bargain beer and tapas.

Where to stay..

I would strongly recommend to stay at a Hostel located in a medieval castle with a stunning view to the city. It is quite affordable for any pocket and you’ll see people from everywhere enjoying this charming city just 40 minutes away from Madrid.

Albergue Castillo de San Servando 

Subida Castillo San Servando, 45006 Toledo

925 22 45 58

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By Juanjo Guirado


Ready for tapas in Toledo?