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GO Camp Spain is not just a holiday. It’s an intercultural exchange experience, it’s friendship for life and your Summer of a Lifelong!

There is a place for everyone

GO Camp Spain was founded on the conviction that Summer Camp is for everyone, regardless of any gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation and that we all deserve the opportunity to travel, work and experience another culture. We only works with the most amount of camps in which among their values, share ours.

What’s special about us?

We strongly believe that choosing the right agency for you in which you can trust should be down to 6 important things.

We are #FunnyCampers.
A big family community.

You are not going to be alone in this experience, there are going to be more #GoSpainCampers that like you, are coming from differents corner of the world. We’ll create facebook groups, whatsapp summer camps groups and much more. All with the aim that you can meet amazing people who’ll become lifelong friends.

We want you to speak Spanish!

Learning a language enriches you as a person, so we want you to take this opportunity to the fullest by offering you an online Spanish course.

PS: You will be a full-fledged Spanglish.

Easy application process

We are really looking forward you to impress us! 

That’s why we have created an easy and funny application process in order that you can make a good impression to spanish summer camps and get hired. During that process you will get support by one of our #FunnyStaff and will keep you informed about any update.

Fuel your wanderlust, spend the whole summer in Spain

Your Spanish adventure awaits